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Reservation Terms

Q: I Want to Rent a Listing.   How do I Sign Up?

Call right now and we will help you reserve your favorite Finesse Suite today! 

Privacy Statement: Furnished with Finesse® respects and is committed to the privacy of our tenants and guests.  All personal information obtained is used for the sole purpose of the application/ screening process and account maintenance of your residency.  None of the information obtained will ever be sold, rented, or leased to any third party for any reason.

We take extra measures to protect your personal information.  We provide e-Applications, e-Credit Card Authorization Forms, and e-Payment formats that are password protected and/or encrypted for your peace of mind.  We also provide encrypted e-signature Lease Agreements through an Adobe e-sign platform called AdobeSign which is a secure service provider offering yet another protective layer.  We care about you and we are dedicated to keeping your information confidential.    

Now that is .... where Corporate Living becomes Exceptional Living!®     

Q: What are the Qualification Standards?

Credit & Criminal Background Search: 

  • All lease renters are required to complete a rental application and sign a background screening consent form. 

  • All additional lease occupants 18+ years must complete a criminal consent form.

  • Booking Guest minimum rental age is: 21

  • All booking guests and additional adult guests must provide a government issued photo ID prior to release of confidential building/suite/arrival information for security and background screening purposes.

  • Companies in business for 3+ years are required to complete a Corporate Application.

  • Companies in business for less than 3 years or marginal credit standing must have a personal guarantor. 

  • REMEMBER: All fees associated with the occupant background search(es) are non-refundable regardless of the approval outcome.


  • Application Approval as well as additional Security Deposit Requirements are based on the information obtained from the background screening report.

  • Low but passable FICO scores or Company Credit scores may be subject to additional Security Deposit

  • FICO score below 600, recent bankruptcy, tax lien, or felony conviction are all subject to automatic decline. 

  • If you believe any of the above pertains to your credit/criminal history, please contact our office before completing the rental application. 

Credit Card Authorization Form: 

  • All renters are required to register a valid credit card to be used in conjunction with their refundable Security Deposit.

  • All renters must maintain a valid credit card on file, throughout the duration of your stay

Requirement for Security Deposit: 

  • A Security Deposit must be paid before the selected Finesse Suite can be taken off the market. 

  • Security Deposit amount requirements vary by location.  Please check each individual listing for the required amount. 

  • In the event that the Lessee or Booking Guest does not take possession of the agreed Finesse Suite, or does not complete the full Term of the Furnished Corporate Residential Lease Agreement or Booking Agreement, The Security Deposit is considered non-refundable due to cancellation.

  • The Security Deposit is to be considered 100% refundable after move out (considering the Lessee or Booking Guest leaves the Finesse Suite in found condition and free of damages, pet damages, non-standard pest control such as: removal of fleas/bed bugs/or other similar pest problems that can be brought in by pets/luggage/moving boxes/etc., smoke damages, hard to remove cooking odors, utility overages, missing items, incidentals, and/or other cost accrued due to special requests and/or negligence of Lessee or Guest).

  • Security Deposit refunds are submitted back to the lease holder or booking guest within 10 to 30 days after departure; allowing time for all incidentals and overages to be submitted from our vendors to accounting for processing.     

NO-SMOKING POLICY:  All Finesse Suites are Non-Smoking.  Violation of the No-Smoking policy is a minimum refurbishing fee of $500.00 and is considered default of the Furnished Corporate Residential Lease Agreement or Booking Agreement.


BED BUG POLICY:  We take pride in offering a clean and bed bug free housing experience.  All Finesse Suites are inspected prior to your arrival specifically for bed bugs.  Any evidence found is treated prior to your arrival.  Immediately upon arrival to your Finesse Suite, it is the sole responsibility of the resident occupant or guest to inspect and immediately report to our office any suspect of bed bugs.  This should be done within the first hour of your scheduled arrival time.  After which point any costs associated with the removal of bed bugs during or after your stay as well as any other associated damages is the sole responsibility of the resident occupant or guest.  Being that bed bugs are now a more common occurrence in the US, extra measures should be taken if staying in a hotel prior to your arrival.  A general rule of thumb for avoidance while in a hotel is to store all luggage in the bathtub or on the bathroom tile floor.     

Q:  Are There Any Other Fees Not Included in My Rent?

Admin Fee: 

  • $150 non-refundable per application   

Additional Occupants Fee: 

  • $35 non-refundable background charge per additional occupant of 18 years or older (call for approval of additional occupants, restrictions on number of occupants may apply)

Pet Charges & Fees: 

  • Lease Agreement Pet Charges: $500 non-refundable Pet Privilege Fee, per pet + $1.00/day Pet Rent, per pet

  • Booking Guest Pet Charges: See each listing for pet charge details

  • Pet Privilege Fees do not apply against excessive pet damages, this fee solely for the privilege of allowing pet occupancy

  • Pet allowance and approval varies by location, call for details

Q: What is the Shortest Lease Term?

Minimum Lease Terms: 

  • We do NOT offer lease agreements for less than 30 days on any of our locations.  Stays under 30 days are subject to availability in select locations and will require additional hotel taxes and surcharges.  Please check each listing for minimum lease term details or call our office.  Minimum requirements vary by location.

Short Term Rates, Where Offered: 

  • Need less than 90 days?: We Can Help: just add to the listed rent $5/day + tax, for a 60-89 day stay

  • Need less than 60 days?: We Can Help: just add to the listed rent $10/day + tax, for a 30-59 day stay

  • Need less than 30 days?: We Can Help:  see each listing for select availability and pricing for a 29-4 day stay... or call our office for assistance


  • Lessee and/or Booking Guest is responsible for all applicable state and local taxes if lease term is less than 90 days.

  • Currently state & local sales tax rate for stays 89 to 30 days  = + 9.25%

  • Currently state & local sales/hotel tax rate + metro & broker surcharges for stays 29 to 4 days = +19.75%

  • Rental rates quoted DO NOT include taxes and surcharge rates and are always shown as a separate charge

  • If you are a tax exempt entity applying for rental, you must provide a certificate of resale or certificate of tax exemption due to non-for-profit entity.

Q:  When is Rent Due & How Do I Pay My Rent?

Rental Payments:

  • Lessee Rent is due on or before Check-In and will be prorated from day of Check-In to the end of the Month. 

  • If you are a Booking Guest, full payment is due at booking.

  • A Lessee's Monthly Rent is due on or before the 1st day of each Month. 

  • We provide direct billing as a courtesy, and paid receipts upon request.

  • If you are a Booking Guest who made payment through a booking channel, please see the booking channel for a detailed receipt of payment.

Forms of Accepted Payment for Rent:  

  • Pay your rent the "Green Way" with our safe and easy ACH payment feature

  • This Green feature is embedded in your Invoice as a payment hyper-link.

  • Click on the Invoice payment link and it takes you to our merchant services provider's secure online payment page.

Other Forms of Accepted Payment for Rent:

  • personal check / company check / cashier's check / money order

  • wire transfer: $35 wire transfer fee

  • Master Card / Visa / Discover / American Express: + 3% convenience fee

Where to Mail a Paper Check Payment:  Make check Payable to: Furnished with Finesse

Mail to:

Furnished with Finesse, LLC

Attn: Stacey Raynak, Accounting Manager

413 Freedom Road

Freedom, PA  15042


Requirement for Outstanding Balances Due

Any amounts due that remain outstanding for more than 5 business days past the1st of the month or past the requested due date, Furnished with Finesse retains the right of billing to the Lessee’s or Booking Guest's credit card for immediate payment including any late fees, and also including a credit card convenience fee of $   3% of the balance due. 

Q:  What's Included in My Finesse Suite?

To see items are included in your Finesse Suite, Click Here: What's Included

Utilities Package: 

  • All electric+gas bills must not exceed the given utility allowance per 30 day period. 

  • Any overage will be billed to the Lessee for immediate payment.

Utility allowances are as follows:

  • 1BDR = $85.00 / 30 days

  • 1BDR/DEN = $100.00 / 30 days

  • 2BDR/2BTH = $120.00 / 30 days

  • 3BDR/2BTH = $140.00 / 30 days

  • 4BDR/2.5BTH or 3BDR TH  = $160.00 / 30 days

Q: Can I Order Additional  Products and/or Services?

Yes, call our Finesse Team today @ 866.582.0666 for more details

  • Choose from Upgraded Furniture and/or Housewares

  • Add Housekeeping and/or other Added Value Services

  • Services and deliveries are scheduled for you and added to your monthly invoice

  • All are subject to availability 

  • Additional Rental Fees may apply

  • Delivery & Installation Fees will apply

Optional Housekeeping Service Fee Schedule:

  • 1BDR = $80.00 / visit

  • 2BDR = $90.00 / visit

  • 3BDR = $100.00 / visit     

Optional Bed Upgrade and/or Additional Bed(s):

  • Add-On a twin roll-away cot or queen air-mattress = $35/portable/stay

  • Add-On a Twin Bed = $3/day

  • Add-On or Upgrade to a Queen Bed = $5/day

  • Add-On or Upgrade to a King Bed = $18/day

Q: When & How do I Give My Notice to Vacate?

  • A Lessee or Booking Guest may state a departure date upon signing the Lease Agreement or when booking

  • A Lessee may give a 30 Day Notice during your stay  (where allowed according to the terms of your Lease)

  • Lessee Required 30 Day Notice to Vacate:  a 30 day notice of intent to vacate is required for lease termination regardless of the expiration date of the lease. 

  • Lessee Roll Over Clause: All leases automatically roll over to a month-to-month term if NO notice to vacate is received, regardless of the expiration date of the Lease Agreement.  Month-to-Month charges will apply. 

Sending Your 30 Day Notice:

REMEMBER:  When sending your intent to vacate, call to confirm receipt.  FWF is NOT responsible for lost or undelivered notifications due to failed equipment, lost internet connections, lost mail, etc.  

FWF must "Receive" your signed intent before it can be considered legally valid.  You will be responsible for payment for the full 30 days from the date that we actually "Receive".

Q: What if I have an After Hours Maintenance Emergency?

  •  In the event of a fire or life threatening emergency, please call 911

  • If you require the assistance of our After Hours On-Call Emergency Maintenance, please call 615-913-5100  Option 4  to reach the emergency on-call representative.

  • If you receive the voice system, our Furnished with Finesse On-Call representative will call you back as soon as possible. 

  • State your name, phone number, suite location (MLS#) and a brief description of the nature of your maintenance emergency.

  • For additional emergency assistance of a Lessee, you may also call the on-site community office where allowed. (where allowed, the additional phone number will be located in your Welcome Package) 

  • Booking Guests must to call Furnished with Finesse for all NON-Emergency and Emergency needs.  The onsite office staff will not be able to assist you.

REMEMBER: Emergency on call assistance will ONLY be provided for the following.  If your maintenance request is NOT one of the below mentioned, it will be considered a routine maintenance request and will be addressed as soon as possible the following business day:

  • No Heat or AC if weather temperatures are above or below a reasonable level

  • No water, no hot water, or water intrusion

  • No electricity

  • A stopped up toilet if it is the only one that you have

  • A broken window, window locks, or door locks

  • A refrigerator not working

Q: What if I have Problems with my WiFi or Cable Connection?

  • A WiFi / Internet / Cable service interruption or outage is NOT considered a maintenance emergency and will be addressed as quickly as possible during normal business hours.  Furnished with Finesse offers team members who can assist with WiFi/Cable trouble shooting tips M-F 9AM until 5PM CST @ 615-913-5100.  

  • NOTE: Furnished with Finesse offers non-technical trouble shooting assistance ONLYFurnished with Finesse does NOT offer technical support after hours or otherwise for equipment or service related issues.  The equipment and connections are the sole property and sole responsibility of the WiFi/CAble Service Provider and cannot be tampered with or worked on by our team. 

  • The responsibility of Furnished with Finesse is to order the the complimentary WiFi/Cable service, expedite installation, confirm its activity prior to your arrival, and assist with non-technical trouble shooting during your stay.  However, Furnished with Finesse cannot in any way guarantee that the WiFi service offered is compatible with your personal equipment.  Nor can Furnished with Finesse in any way guarantee the performance of the WiFi/Cable service.   Performance of these services and any and all repayment and/or discounts for equipment/service related issues is the full responsibility of the WiFi/Cable Provider.  Lessee agrees to hold harmless Furnished with Finesse, LLC against any failure of performance/equipment by the WiFi/Cable Service Provider.    

  • In the event you have an after hours WiFi/Cable outage, you should contact the WiFi/Cable Service Provider and speak with their technical support department.  This information is contained in your suite as a handout left by the Service Provider or in your Furnished with Finesse Welcome Booklet. 

  • Please do not attempt to resolve any connectivity issues by pressing the reset button on your WiFi/Cable equipment unless instructed to do so by the Service Provider.  Pressing the reset button will clear the programmed settings and reverts the equipment back to factory settings.  Evidence of resetting and/or equipment tampering without the involvement of Service Provider assistance is a minimum IT reprogramming charge of $140 and will be billed to your account for immediate payment.

  • For your ease and convenience, a login name and password for your complimentary WiFi is provided in your Welcome Booklet.  If for some reason you did not receive a Welcome Booklet upon arrival, please contact our business office and one will be emailed or delivered to you. 

  • Viewer Disclaimer: Please be aware that if your Finesse Suite offers Hulu or similar product(s), your viewing selections  are subject to possible access by other account users through the viewer network program.

Q: What if I have a Routine Maintenance Request?

  • If you have a routine maintenance or service request and need the assistance of our Guest Services department, please call us @ 615-913-5100  or click here to e-mail us  and we are happy to assist you as quickly as possible during normal business hours.

Furnished with Finesse®, LLC Disclaimer

Furnished with Finesse® has made every effort to obtained the information regarding its listings from sources deemed reliable. However, we cannot warrant the complete accuracy thereof subject to errors, omissions, change of price, change of furnishings, rental or other conditions, or withdrawal without notice.  Square footages and floor plans are approximations and subject to change according to location. 


Furnished with Finesse® suites are leased on a first come first serve basis.  Lease terms vary and minimum lease terms and occupancy guidelines may apply.  Rental rates, availability, fees, deposits and specials are subject to change without notice and are based on availability.


Furnished with Finesse® is not liable for damages to the renter in the event that there is a delay of possession based on the previous renter holding over, or based on any other unforeseen reason causing the premises to be unready for occupancy.     


Please contact one of our friendly and informative leasing professionals at Furnished with Finesse® for specific details on all locations.  Toll Free:  866-582-0866

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